Workshop on IEEE EDUCON 2017

COMPASS consortium will organize the workshop “Standards-based tools and services for building lifelong learning pathways” on IEEE EDUCON 2017. IEEE EDUCON conference will be held in Athens, Greece, 25-28 April 2017. More information about the conference are available here.

The interactive workshop addresses the emerging development of standards-based tools and services for building lifelong learning pathways and is organized by COMPASS European project. The main goals of the COMPASS workshop are (a) the improvement of quality and relevance of offered learning opportunities to current and emerging labor market needs, (b) the enhancement of mobility, making learning opportunities more visible and understandable for students that want to gain additional skills (c) the strengthening of cross-border cooperation of HEIs in the definition of quality flexible learning pathways for their learners, (d) the increase of social responsibility of HEIs through the transparent descriptions of their offerings, (e) the implementation of sustainable infrastructure for all European HEIs and for the EU to leverage in the enhancement of existing or the creation of new related services.

The leading questions of the workshop will be: How can standardized learning opportunity descriptions serve the various user groups? How can innovative guidance instruments promote the use of flexible lifelong learning pathways within HEI providers and learners? What policy suggestions would encourage the implementation of flexible learning pathways by higher education institutions? How can online services support the dissemination and the utilization of LO? How can standard information models enable Learning Opportunity (LO) providers to engage in the well-structured description of their offers? The interactive workshop of COMPASS structured in such a way that will assist the stakeholders to comprehend the significance of the standardization of learning opportunities and learning outcomes/competences.

An overview of the interactive workshop:

  1. Welcome
  2. Short introduction to COMPASS project and its expected outputs
  3. Overview of the concepts of flexible lifelong learning pathways through the use of guidance instruments
  4. Presentation of personas and scenarios of use of COMPASS outputs
  5. Demonstration of the standards-based technical tools developed by the project partners to engage HEI learning opportunity providers in producing well-structured, competence-based Learning Opportunity descriptions and in supporting the creation of flexible learning paths
  6. Discussion of the benefits of the standardization of learning opportunities for the various user groups
  7. Hands-on session in the online services that facilitate the goals of the COMPASS project
  8. Questions and answers with workshop participants
  9. Wrap up – End of Workshop