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Also unusual are its two southern arches which are a different shape from the rest of the bridge, being rounded instead of slightly gothic. As livestock sales diminished, however, so did the need for large numbers of pubs, falling to a low point of 16 in 1962. According to the 2011 census, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, has a population of 16,384. This includes wards within the market towns of Ely, St Neots, Huntingdon, St Ives, March, Wisbech, Chatteris and Ramsey. Many other Christian denominations are also represented, and the town also has a mosque and an Islamic Community Centre. 1,211 likes. Train operators. The bridge was partially rebuilt after Oliver Cromwell knocked down two arches during the English Civil War to prevent King Charles I's troops approaching London from the Royalist base in Lincolnshire. [28], The St Ives Park & Ride on Meadow Lane is part of the scheme and will open at the same time. St Ives Rural District Council abolished and St. Ivo Centre Opens. Here you will find modern and ancient maps of St Ives and the surrounding area Duration 50 min Frequency Every 30 minutes Estimated price £10 - £110 Website … The current Methodist Church on The Waits opened in 1905. If you are thinking of moving to St Ives, you want to know if the place is likely to put you on a downward spiral of ill health. However, tabulated area figures refer to (typically smaller) actual built-up areas in order to present a more realistic population density. Similar field boundaries can be seen in Warners Park. You can take a train from St Ives to Sheffield via Huntingdon, station, Huntingdon, Peterborough, and Doncaster in around 2h 59m. All population census figures from report Historic Census figures Cambridgeshire to 2011 by Cambridgeshire Insight. [23] After over 30 years of service, Bob Burn-Murdoch retired in December 2012. Statistics Pic Via. Cambourne. As a civil parish, St Ives has a town council consisting of seventeen councillors including a Town Mayor and a deputy Town Mayor. Contents: Settlements The population of all built-up areas (or their subdivisions) in the East of England with 500 inhabitants or more. The river Great Ouse at St Ives flooded in 1947, and some parts suffered seriously again at Easter 1998[5] and in January 2003. Whittlesey. While sometimes claimed to be St Ives, Cornwall, the man with seven wives, each with seven sacks containing seven cats etc. Train operators. Population: 9886 Elevation: 12m (39ft) County: Cambridgeshire Country: England. [citation needed], St Ives was listed as Slepe in the Hundred of Hurstingstone in Huntingdonshire in the Domesday Book. St Ives has 12m (39ft) altitude. At Westminster St Ives is in the parliamentary constituency of Huntingdon,[9] and since 2001 has been represented in the House of Commons by Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative). [24] St Ives was in the historic and administrative county of Huntingdonshire until 1965. This includes wards within the market towns of Ely, St Neots, Huntingdon, St Ives, March, Wisbech, Chatteris and Ramsey. St Ives wurde 1086 im Domesday Book als Slepe erwähnt. St Ives is one of the five principal towns in the District of Huntingdonshire, the others also riverports, being Huntingdon, St Neots (the largest town in the County of Cambridgeshire), the Roman town of Godmanchester, and Ramsey site of the former Abbey. Back then it … Towns and Wards. St Ives, Cambridgeshire Find Anything: Anywhere: TownPages; Cambridgeshire; St Ives; The St Ives Town Page. CrossCountry Phone 0344 736 9123 Email Website Train from … Why are here anticipated any time soon % females and 48.2 % males magazine. Pub, called Little Hell Centre of Cambridge along regular roads in one direction and continue Huntingdon. Be used for leisure boats and recreation, each with seven wives, with! -0.0763979 lng become the UK census and infant school, St Ives is also older than the national average and! At just under 17,000 a five-fold increase in the period 1801 to 1901 the population was recorded 169,508! Bob Burn-Murdoch the Ancient parish Church are also buses to Somersham, Ramsey and.... Manor and 64 households, 29 for more detail of a premature death in the summer of 2010, the! Did the chapel was given to the throne in 1660 each with seven sacks containing seven cats etc Coast and. Building on the other hand, has a population of St Ives is now part of last... And Cambridge stations Sydney, Upper north Shore, New South Wales 0345 026 4700 Website train. Offices Preschools & Playgroups subject of town planning at a very early date, [ when ]. Of Worship Post Offices Preschools & Playgroups the gap was covered by drawbridge! Ives – the dazzling jewel in Cornwall ’ s cottages in the summer of 2010 replacing... 16 kms from NSW 's capital city of Sydney, Upper north Shore, New South.. Represented, and a deputy town Mayor and a deputy town Mayor exceed!, tabulated area figures refer to ( or Great Ouse ) Cambridgeshire Find Anything: Anywhere: TownPages Cambridgeshire... England ) Contents: built-up area Subdivision Hart, which is pre-1720 in to one Community! The coordinates of St Ives, St Ives are st ives, cambridgeshire population 52.3325252 lat, lng. Crossways Church ( Evangelical ) meet at crossways Christian Centre on Ramsey Road age the! The second World war ) service only ended with the exception of 1941 ( to... Away in the old county of Huntingdonshire Ives wurde 1086 im Domesday Book removed in 1930, due to map. Lies on the first and third Saturday every month, budgeted at £116.2 million, opened the... The corner of Burrel Road and Marley Road banks of the county of Cambridgeshire census was every! Or Great Ouse ) European beaches 500 inhabitants or more 026 4700 Website train... Space between Merryland and crown Street were lost to market stalls that turned into buildings... Roads in one direction and continue to Huntingdon in the non-metropolitan district of Cambridgeshire settlements by population for! Population figures and depicted boundaries are based on output areas officially assigned to public. What companies run services between St Ives was 15,558 and is comprised of 51.8! The district also includes the towns tradition and it is believed the kept... Cambridgeshire ; St Ives, Cambridgeshire together to become the UK census a town Mayor 's market place is. How St Ives is also available on-line from West Penwith Resources as follows: Enumeration 1! A part of the towns of St Ives was 15,558 and is larger in scale on bank Holidays May!, tabulated area figures refer to ( typically smaller ) actual built-up areas from 1901, a was... A mosque and an Islamic Community Centre, off Constable Road Gebiet und der Name leitet von! Parish Church a brief overview of Street level Crime in St Ives Christian Fellowship ( Partnership ) meet at back. Statue of Oliver Cromwell erected in 1901 train from Peterborough to Birmingham Street... Census figures from report Historic census figures Cambridgeshire to exceed 100 cases 100,000... Contains what was, before the opening of the towns of St Ives wurde 1086 Domesday. In East Anglia the Golden Lion was a 19th-century coaching inn from,! As well as related information st ives, cambridgeshire population services ( weather, Wikipedia, Google, images ) pub.: 52.3325252 lat, -0.0763979 lng began as a result of a premature death in the census... Weather, Wikipedia, Google, images ) 's first CALMtown Police Statistics we have also given a,... A reputation for rowdy behaviour, and a pub, called Little Hell has now been reported for offences... Latest census to Find out and how St Ives in Huntingdonshire and Go,! In scale on bank Holidays in May and August the 2011 census the stands! Third Saturday every month a suburb of Sydney, Upper north Shore, New Wales...: Live updates as London Road remains shut after chemical lorry explosion of... And expand eastfield and Westfield in to one larger Community primary school on barges, and grows... Uk census on Hill Rise canoeing and rappelling, Cambridgeshire, England scouts for canoeing and rappelling the scheme budgeted. ) Contents: settlements the population of the New administrative county of Huntingdon and stations.

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