teia-logoThe Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEI-A, is the largest TEI in Greece, situated at Egaleo, a densely populated suburb of Athens. It has always been at the forefront of developments in technological education with over 35.000 students attend the four-year courses provided by its Departments and taught by teaching staff committed to maintaining the highest standards in education. TEIA uses ISO and TUV quality systems.

The Department of Informatics, established in 1983, belongs to The Faculty of Technological Applications of TEI Athens, has been successfully involved in and coordinated European and national research and development programs and has significant contribution to academic publications. Also, it is currently acting as the coordinating organisation of the “ICT for Learning, Education and Training” committee of the Hellenic Standardization Organisation (ELOT) and represents Greece to the European standardization activities of the CEN Workshop on Learning Technologies and is vice-chairing the CEN Technical Committee 353.

The Department of Informatics is one of the first Higher Education Academic Units that has successfully undergone external International evaluation organised by the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency form Higher Education (HQAA).

The Intelligent Information Systems Engineering Research Team (IISET) is part of the Laboratory of Information Systems established at the Department of Informatics aiming to contribute to the research and educational activities of the Department with particular emphasis in the field of Intelligent and Knowledge based Information systems, Learning Technology systems and Image based and Visualisation systems. The application areas include engineering, learning and medical activities. The IISET research efforts include the development of applications and tools in the area of Knowledge-based systems, Learning Technology systems, Computer Graphics and Visualisation, in the context of several graduate theses as well as national and international projects of the Department.

TEI-A is Vice-chair of the European Standardisation Committee CEN TC353 and coordinator of the “European Learner Mobility”Working Item which has resulted in the European Learner Mobility Achievement Information (EuroLMAI) Standard for the electronic representation of Europass related information. Paricipates in the Integrating Learning Outcomes and Competences CEN project, aiming at ehancing the ELM family of specs with learning outome related information.

TEI-A Also has contributed to several EU funded, ICT standardisation projects related to European technical specifications and standards for the exchange of learner achievement information and learning outcomes/competence information and the development of software systems for supporting HE Institutional Quality Assurance and Mobility.

As a IT expert, TEI-A has strong expertise in the development of technical services and tools at national and European level.

Within COMPASS, the TEI-A’s main role is the coordination of the project. Furthermore the project will benefit from TEI-A’s expertise in learning outcomes and competence modelling, in European and International Standardization as well as in software systems design and development.

 Key members of the ΤΕΙ-Α team

Cleo Sgouropoulou

Cleo Sgouropoulou

Ass. Prof. Cleo Sgouropoulou holds a Ph.D. in Software Engineering and is an Associate Professor at TEI of Athens (Department of Informatics). Her research interests lie in the field of standardization, design and development of Learning Technology Systems. Dr Sgouropoulou is the coordinator of the Greek Mirror Committee TC48/WG3 and the Head of the Greek delegation of the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) to the European Standardization Committee (CEN) Technical Committee (TC) 353 “ICT for Learning, Education and Training”. She has participated as a paid expert in several standardization projects and the production of related specifications (“Alternative language versions of a learning resource in IEEE LOM”, “Guidelines for the production of learner information standards and specifications”, “A European model for Expressing learner competences”, “Metadata for Learning Opportunities”, etc.). She is currently the Vice-Chair of CEN TC353 and coordinates standardization activities on “European Learner Mobility”. Apart from her focused activities in the field of Learning Technologies standardization, Dr Sgouropoulou has participated as a main researcher in numerous national and European-funded projects related to e-Learning and Learning Design methodologies.
vogiatzis Dr Ioannis Voyiatzis (Mr.) is an Assistant Professor at TEΙ of Athens; he received his B.Sc. degree in Informatics, M.Sc. degree in Electronics Automation, and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, all from the Department of Informatics and Communications, University of Athens, Greece. During 1991-1995 he was with NCSR “Demokritos” where he participated in various research projects. He has taught in the University of Athens, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, and Department of Mathematics, as well as the University of Central Greece, Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics. He has authored more than 70 technical papers that have been published in refereed international scientific journals and conference proceedings and have been cited more than 150 times. He is a member of IEEE and has been listed in the Marquis ‘Who’s who in Science and Engineering’ and ‘Who’s Who in the World’. His research interests include, among others, e-learning, programming of mobile devices for edutainment applications, and game-based software for learning applications.