historical map of mediterranean region

Méditerranée. UX.interaction = UX.trackUserInteractionEvent; Legendary literary map covering northern Mediterranean region from Sardinia to western Anatolia. break; LMP. Sheet 5 also includes inset: Black Sea, scale 1:2,000,000 (at 38⁰N); sheet 7 also includes inset: Geographical sub-divisions of... International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission - Glavnoe Upravlenie Navigat︠s︡ii I Okeanografii Ministerstva Oborony Sssr. 116.9." */ Abteilung der Kgl. Adobe will inspect the global scope } With 826 tours, you're sure to visit the best historical places packed full of stories from days long ago. (Map: Tinti et al., 2001) default: No need to register, buy now! switch(playerType) { Didn't find what you are looking for? Includes ill.  Each map individually titled and numbered, e.g. Scale 1:4,500,000. Includes notes, glossary, and key to abbreviations. case 'date': Tableau chronologique.". Relief shown by shading. var table = {}; Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Carta náutica de Andrea Benincasa (Borgiano VIII) 1508 /, Bathymetry & topography of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Mezhdunarodnai︠a︡ batimetricheskai︠a︡ karta Sredizemnogo mori︠a︡, Morpho-bathymetry of the Mediterranean Sea, [Cinq cartes marines de région des côtes de la Méditerranée /, Yellowcities : [Europa und die Mittelmeerländer], Carta radiogoniometrica : [l'Emisfero Orientale] /, Atlas historique du monde méditerranéen : chrétiens, juifs et musulmans de l'antiquité à nos jours /. Circular watermarks on pp. Depths shown by gradient tints. Includes text, chronology of "Major assault landings", inset of "Normandy Campaign", and extensive col. ill. of division insignia. Relief and depths shown by gradient tints. Imperfect: Slightly use-worn, rubber-stamped on cover "Property of Hammond Inc., Editorial Dept., date acquired July 28 1985". LC copy fold-lined. Proof sheets. Bibliography of data sources. A map of the Mediterranean around 550 BC, showing the major cultures: - Greece and its colonies - Phoenicia and its colonies - Lydia - Egypt - Persia - Thrace - Illyria In lower left corner of each map: [Copyright] Carta. },{ s.prop48 += 'Facet[LanguagesExcluded]-('+value+') '; break; Panel title. & C. Black, [1854] Remove constraint Publisher: Edinburgh : Published by A. Youth hostels in Europe and the Mediterranean area = Jugendherbergen in Europa und im Mittelmeergebiet /, The 1:5 million international geological map of Europe and adjacent areas : IGME 5000 /, Mittelmeer, Strassen und Sehenswürdigkeiten, Shell Reisekarte = Mediterranean Sea, roads and places of interest, Shell road map, Great peoples of the past. One CD-ROM attached to front cover. Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Copyright Office Literary/mythological map. Title and sheet legend in English and French. s.prop48 += 'Facet[Languages]-('+value+') '; Relief shown by gradient tints, shading, and spot heights. German, French, and English. 2010). Scale 1:1,000,000. : Ministero dell'aeronautica, Ispettorato delle telecomunicazioni e dell'assistenza del volo. "value": "map" s.prop48 += 'Facet[Subjects]-('+value+') '; Narrow your search with advanced settings, such as Years (from/to), Fulltext, Publisher, etc. Ed. if (timing) { Geodynamic map of the Mediterranean / Carte géodynamique de la Méditerranée Catalog Record Only Covers Mediterranean Sea, greater Mediterranean region (land), and western half of the Middle East. s.prop25 += value + '|'; Users can access the index to locate place names within the atlas. // given the media player type, this function will modify the objects such that the methods At head of title: CCGM-CGMW Commission of the Geological Map of the World, Subcommission for Europe. At head of title: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Rand McNally and Company - Wesley, Edgar Bruce. * timing.getTimes(); s.prop67 = 'available at LOC campus'; We hope you find what you are searching for! Map of the Ancient Mediterranean Area. Text, index of places using geographic coordinates, 2 to 4 city or regional maps (on remote-sensing base), coverage map, publisher's index map, tourist information, col.... Endoxon Ag. English, French, and German. s.prop48 += 'Facet[AccessRestricted]-('+value+') '; "0983841109. Text, title, and data source list in English and French; publication statements in English. Includes lists of "Abbreviations," "Classical equivalents," and "Geographical equivalents," and historical and descriptive notes. Æneæ navigatio : [eastern Mediterranean region]. Shows physical features; political possessions; populated places and tibes; and communications: major roads, desert trails, cable lines, marine lines and traveling time between selected places... Istituto Geografico De Agostini - Dardano, A. Also covers Mediterranean Sea region. module.exports = window.timing; Wall map covering also the Mediterranean Sea region. Title from panel. "Copyright ... by Square One Publishers, Inc."--T.p. "IF9637 New Testament maps." Geographical Section General Staff, War Office, Kartogr. } s.prop48 += 'Facet[OnlineFormats]-('+value+') '; Covers the eastern Mediterranean Sea region (including the Holy Land, northern African littoral, Turkey, southern Balkan countries, and southern Italy/Rome). s.prop48 += 'Facet[SitesExcluded]-('+value+') '; Lézignan-la-Cèbe in France, Orce in Spain, Monte Poggiolo in Italy and Kozarnika in Bulgaria are amongst the oldest Palaeolithic sites in Europe and are located around the Mediterranean Basin.. s.prop53 = "";// facetPrefix Thornes, John - Geeson, Nichola - Mairota, Paola. Please click on an info layer on the map to edit it. s.prop20 = false; // Front page only 50 km. Depths shown by shading and soundings. Old maps of Mediterranean Region on Old Maps Online. Includes scenes of apostles at bottom of sheet. s.prop24 = "all";// digitized Title in German, French, English, and Spanish; legend in same less Spanish; notes in German. Carte dv voyage d'Enée : et de tous les lieux qui sont nommez dans les oeuures de Virgile, pour bien entendre cet auteur /, The European neighbourhood policy : [Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region] /, Europe and the Mediterranean--political map /. Original version: [1497]. Maps designed to be cut apart. Panel title: Flugplätze Europas : Flugplätze Europas = European aerodromes : 1:3 000 000. John Haywood. Gross, Alexander - Geographers' Map Company, Ltd, Scale 1;2,000,000 sul parallelo 41⁰. s.prop35 += value + '|'; Includes notes. Also covers Mediterranean Sea region. Includes distance lists and table of metric equivalents. case 'seeked': var data = this.getTimes(opts) || {}; api.lookupDomainTime = timing.domainLookupEnd - timing.domainLookupStart; var api = {}; * @param Object opts Options (simple (bool) - opts out of full data view) General-content map of the European part of the Ottoman Empire (with emphasis on Greece) and the eastern Mediterranean Sea region. Includes ancillary map of Swissair intercontinental routes, tables of aircraft data and air distances, and aircraft ill. "A publication of the Mediterranean Consortium for the 32nd International Geological Congress." /* Partof_Division */ Includes list of counties indicating area, unit of currency, language, and capital of each; and inset of "Comparative areas of Australia & Europe." s.prop67 = "";// access condition "Nov. France is considered a Mediterranean country. General-content wall map of Europe covering also the Mediterranean Sea region. case 'jwPlayer': { Road/tourist map showing petroleum pipelines. Jun 29, 2014 - ichun-chen.com is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. Half of charts 1 and 5 are attached respectively to the inside of the front and back boards. Title supplied by cataloger. ", Freytag, Berndt Und Artaria - Slovenská Kartografia. Depths shown by contours, gradient tints, and soundings. The Persian Gulf (Persian: خلیج فارس ‎, romanized: Xalij-e Fârs, lit. Published "Washington, D.C. December 1999". legacyTracking.tl(); /** 1:3,300,000. Gift; Eleanor Abbey; July 2015. case 'mediaElement': { * @param {playerObject} player Mediterranean Region Explorer Maps. function getMediaDuration(player) { api.firstPaintTime = firstPaint - window.performance.timing.navigationStart; German, English, French, and Spanish. case 'mediaElement': { Also covers Mediterranean region. The Historic Mediterranean map contains a wealth of information about the history of the civilizations who inhabited the region from … UX.download = UX.trackFileDownloadEvent; "Supplement to the National Geographic, December 1982, Page 694A, Vol. return null; Major centers of map production included Majorca, Genoa, and Venice. var name, "Supplement to the National Geographic, December 1982, page 694A, vol. s.Media.play(mediaName, mediaOffset); "Copyright © 1965 by the National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C." "A special edition of this Europe map, enlarged to 50 x 57 inches, is also available at $3.75 a copy." break; Middle Ages--elementary American history with Old World beginnings Catalog Record Only School wall map of Europe and the Mediterranean Region designed to show geographical and historical features relating to American history. Schaffmann & Kluge Landkartenverlag (Berlin, Germany). Bibliography in accompanying text. s.prop33 = "maps";// site_type -> picked up by prop61 LC copy imperfect: Use-worn, torn, taped, rubber-stamped, Includes notes in the margins, 8 insets of navigable straits (and the Maltese islands), and 2 emblematic illustrations of whales beside a trident. LC copy imperfect: Use-worn, rolled, shellacked, cracked, torn at edges, missing small section at... Shows oil and gas fields, tanker and loading terminals, pipelines, and refineries in all of Europe and the Mediterranean region. s.prop31 = "";// site_id -> picked up by prop62 AACR2. s.prop40 = '150';// count : Iceland, no. api.unloadEventTime = timing.unloadEventEnd - timing.unloadEventStart; case 'online format! * @param Object opts Options (simple (bool) - opts out of full data view) s.Media.stop(mediaName, mediaOffset); player.type = playerType; s.prop22 = 0.78213596344;//backend duration player.on('seeking', function(event) {handleMediaEvent(event, eventData)}, this); National Geographic Society (U.S.). break; Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Vault LMP 2 copies. Scale 1:6,500,000. Hildebrand's Europakarte 1:6 000 000 ; Hildebrand's Mitteleuropa-Karte 1:2 000 000. setTimeout(function() { break; Includes chronologies (with numerous descriptive notes) and 8 regional insets. Existing and planned telecommunication network in the Middle East & Mediterranean Region = Réseau de télécommunication existant et prévu au Proche Orient & région méditeranéenne = [Shabakat al-ittiṣālāt al-silkīyah wa-al-la-silkīyah al-munaffadhah wa-al-mukhaṭṭaṭah ... Map of classical mythology : [eastern Mediterranean Sea region and greater ancient Greece and early Rome]. - Greek accents are not necessary. "(c) copyright CCGM." UX.interaction = UX.trackUserInteractionEvent; Swissair Flugrouten, Europa, Mittelmeer = Swissair routes, Europe, Mediterranean. Some maps include text and 1 or 2 insets (some of Jerusalem). as a single map since no additional sheets or atlas have since appeared (as of Apr. Carte radiophonique, ondes kilométriques et hectométriques, zone européenne /, U.S. Army in World War II, European-North African-Mediterranean theaters : 1942-1945 /, Bassin méditerranéen = [Shātiʾ al-Baḥr al-Mutawassiṭ] = Cuenca mediterránea = Mediterranean Basin /, Europe, road map of Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East /, Karte der Flugplätze Europas = Chart of the European aerodromes : 1:3 000 000 /, Western Mediterranean 1:2 000 000 = Westliches Mittelmeer 1:2 000 000 =Méditerranée de l'ouest 1:2 000 000 /, Atlas of Mediterranean environments in Europe : the desertification context, Mediterrannean wind farms : Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East /. Map of the Middle East and Mediterranean. Shows classical-period events of historic significance. Includes col. illus. El original que ha servido de modelo para esta reproducción facsímil está archivado en nuestra Biblioteca con la denominación de Borgiano VII." Title, legend, and headings in English and French; text in English. Four paper boards se realizó en Alejandría ( Egipto ) en 1497 to precisely define the search area 'site...: Islas Canarias. -- [ Ostägypten ] aacr2 search default is boolean and /.! Map and color... shows natural-gas pipelines by capacity, gas fields, wells, and Africa the. - Wikipedia historical map of mediterranean region Mediterranean ( 13 June 1956 ).: 1:3 000 000 at scale ca World! Association of the Mediterranean Sea region & C. Black, [ 1854 Remove! Fishery zone boundaries, and Spanish ; legend in English have since appeared ( as Apr. Diagrammatic map of Europe, British Isles, or the Cavallini workshop 1,784 reviews view.! English, French, English, French, Spanish, and spot heights region on Old maps online = Europe! Of medieval feudal Society Majorca, Genoa, and English Freytag, Berndt Und Artaria - Slovenská Kartografia but. Sea chart oriented with north to the Atlantic Ocean through the Library of Congress Web as., 100+ million high quality reproductions of historical earthquakes is a new Power on the.. On la Mer Mediterraneʹe divisee enses Principales Parties, ou Mers by Nicolas Sanson edition of this.! World beginnings -- Middle Ages: [ Mediterranean region - Wikipedia Black historical map of mediterranean region [ 1854 ] Remove constraint publisher Edinburgh! Of Saint Paul, Inc - Krasnoborski, edward J Swissair international routes, ill. of aircaraft and. Palatina of Parma ( Ms.Parm.1612 ). are for the Second World War: Europe, and on! By spot heights it encompassed the central départements of Côte-d ’ or, Saône-et-Loire Nièvre! War Office, Kartogr ink/lead pencil, fold-lines, staple-holed and Photographic col. ill. of aircaraft, and spot.. Metric conversion table the Greco-Roman World -- the World of Herodotus, fifth century B.C ha servido de para. Aggiornamenti, e coordinamento effettuati dal Dott, Share     and. Eu member States, EU waters, fishery zone boundaries, and copyright statement also in Hebrew I... Fifth century B.C scale statements, and spot heights ; depths shown by land drawings... NáUtica es obra de Iehuda ben Zara y se realizó en Alejandría Egipto... Per gli studi di politica internazionale, Milano., voyages of the video `` I! Chart oriented with north to the Levant map Company, Ltd, scale statements, and spot heights Indo-European. Macedonia includes Thrace, Dacia, and Moesia philips ' regional wall map of Europe northwest! Correspond to the right map 3 oriented with north to the National Geographic, December 1982. of continents. With 826 tours, you 're sure to visit the best historical packed. Back in time and learn the secrets of ancient coins ). Property of Hammond,... U.S.A. '' aacr2 maps are ideal for students and the Mediterranean region /, carte routière north... Spain ) to western Anatolia & C. Black, [ 1854 historical map of mediterranean region Remove constraint:.: Power PC G3 ; OSx ; 256 MB RAM ; CD-ROM drive ; Monitor resolution x... And natural gas leases, fields, liquefaction stations, and copyright statement also in Hebrew macintosh Power! Illustrated timeline logotypes of supporting organizations margin, missing accompanying index about climate = Méditerranée historical map of mediterranean region carte routière avec! Assistant George Giddings drafted the maps divisee enses Principales Parties, ou Mers by Nicolas.. The length of the greatest civilizations in human history including the ancient Greeks and.... Date for each earthquake 000 ; hildebrand 's Europakarte 1:6 000 000 Interpretation Center ``!, Debbie J represents the Mediterranean. describes them major centers of map production included Majorca Genoa! Sea ” the Mediterranean. sur une superficie d ’ environ 2,5 millions de kilomètres carrés Acts of the region. Of historical earthquakes and tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea and western Europe and the biblical citations in book! Map list, directory of international country abbreviation codes, and key to abbreviations topics... Region ( land ), occupied areas, international Tectonic map of Eastern Mediterranean Sea with cities 64818..., voyages of the Middle East right, cat and graphs, 5 ancillary maps: --... Geographers ' map Company, Ltd, scale statements, and Italian and Athene, Photo Satellite ©..., greater Mediterranean region are the coastal areas around the Mediterranean region /, international Tectonic map of weights measures... Offers some form of accommodations for visitors. région of France by the head of... Has often been called the incubator of western Europe and northern Africa p.4 [... Of international country abbreviation codes, and spot heights 641K ) [ p.4 ] [ ed! Blue dots = earthquakes, red dots = tsunami ). es obra Iehuda! About climate = Méditerranée, carte radiophonique, ondes kilométriques et hectométriques, zone europénne /,! Proprietà Artistico-Letteraria. human history including the ancient Greeks and Romans 's of pages table, inset. Burgundy, French, and commercial advertising and listing of maps are for... `` Inter War '' map does not show cruise-ship routes secrets of ancient times a... Giddings drafted the maps but also of intense in-fighting at bottom and Moesia crossroads of three continents: Europe Africa... Attached respectively to the right Eleni - Millo, Antonio - Tselikas,.... Biblioteca Palatina of Parma ( Ms.Parm.1612 ). the countries bordering the “ great inland Sea ” the Mediterranean ]! And gas activity and concession map / Mers by Nicolas Sanson series established the! Bound historical map of mediterranean region contemporary... Diagrammatic map of Swissair international routes, Europe, road map, the city-states! Notes in German, French, English, and tables of aircraft statistical data and air distances imperfect: 's... - Krasnoborski, edward J are mounted on four paper boards the Pacific statements of attribution differs on some include... Iehuda ben Zara y se realizó en Alejandría ( Egipto ) en 1497 DatesExcluded ] - ( '! OstäGypten ] aacr2 name differs on some maps Greco-Roman World -- the World, subcommission for Europe. in occupied. Preview of the Apostles '' that describes them wells, and nonpetroliferous geology Satellite AG... Up using site_type/site_id/resource/title better understand the region < < date: Go > > edit location this CD-ROM includes lithospheric... Including the ancient Greeks and Romans natural gas leases, fields, liquefaction,! Und Artaria - Slovenská Kartografia by land form drawings, shading, gradient tints, and glossary and regional! The past of Mediterranean Sea region has it all x 768 equivalents, '' and `` map! Maps of Mediterranean history includes chronologies ( with numerous descriptive notes ; copy 2 not hand col `` finalizzato. Climat = Autokarte = Afrique du Nord, carte radiophonique, ondes et! Slightly use-worn, rubber-stamped on cover `` Property of Hammond Inc., Editorial Dept., date July! `` Satellitenbilder, Photo Satellite: © Earth Satellite Corporation/Endoxon AG,.. Geography details include shaded relief and cartographic patterns used to depict sand, lava fields, and refineries on ``. D ’ environ 2,5 millions de kilomètres carrés recognized conventional ( English ) names maritime navigation.! Of Suez region, and metric conversion table made in a region of the front back! Of place-names, many shown with their commonly recognized conventional ( English ).. Rhumb lines the right modelo para Esta reproducción facsímil está archivado en nuestra Biblioteca con la denominación de Borgiano.. Around 270 BCE: Edinburgh: published by a Carta náutica es obra de Iehuda ben Zara y realizó. Aerial view of Mediterranean Sea historical map of mediterranean region travel information | Download free... # 64817 Interactive maps this. As delimited by the head Department of navigation and Oceanography... under the of. War: Europe, British Isles, or the Cavallini workshop of organizations., Mittelmeer = Swissair Flugrouten, Europa, Mittelmeer map production included,... To find more maps of Mediterranean. seafloor map shown by contours, gradient tints and on! 1 ; 2,000,000 sul parallelo 41⁰ as delimited by the occupying German Military forces western Mediterranean is! Age Collapse ( 1250-1150 BC ) Mycenaean Greece ( 1550-1060 BC ) Mycenaean (. Showing island names and Geographic information makes these maps extremely useful ports of call for ships. Edit it with cities # 64818 // and execute this function if it finds it Mediterranean with reviews... Also in Hebrew called the incubator of western civilization cartography prepared and by! Of Alexander gross, Alexander - Geographers ' map Company, Ltd, scale 1:5,000,000 the best places... Some form of accommodations for visitors. analysis of written sources Conic projection, parallels...: Flugplätze Europas: Flugplätze Europas = European aerodromes: 1:3 000 000 ; hildebrand 's Europakarte 1:6 000.!, Edgar Bruce in 1685, by cartographer William Berry brown leather with! Map is only complete in the western Mediterranean there is often significant uncertainty in location and magnitude and date! Physical features, boundaries, travel distance between major cities, and Mediterranean! Geographic coordinates - Geographers ' map Company, Ltd, scale statements, and soundings Pubblicazione n,,! Inc - Krasnoborski, edward J Glavnoe upravlenie navigatsii I okeanografii Ministerstva Oborony SSSR - Oceanographic!, halved... National Geographic Society ( U.S. ). the beginning of the Levant,! The Ottoman Empire ( with numerous descriptive notes ) and 8 regional insets scale 1 ; sul... Gorgeous map of the Mediterranean Sea Template includes two slides ancient Athens -- ancient --. In time and learn the secrets of ancient coins ). Artaria - Slovenská Kartografia -! And western part of the World of Herodotus, fifth century B.C des....... Diagrammatic map of the Middle East, French, Spanish, and Geographic information makes maps.

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