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Taiwan is covered in forests. Asian_Liberals_4_Trump_2020 MAGA on Sep 25, 2018: 47,000 Sounds about right for Taipei. Sigh). by Dion Travels | Sep 28, 2020 | Cost of Living, Digital Nomad, Taipei, Taiwan. As for your initial deposit to move into the home, expect to prepare 2-3 months of rent. 是: to be; 3. Once you sign up for iTaiwan, which you can ONLY do in the airport on their wifi, you can use Wifi at thousands of hotspots around the country – including in convenience stores. According to many Taiwanese, Taiwan is also the official “China”. My perspective is from living in Taipei, which is notorious for having the highest cost of living in the country. So it’s two-pronged flat pin, not three-pronged. Just be prepared to have a Chinese address written down if you don’t speak Chinese. We’ve finally finished our near month long lockdown a few days… A single person costs: $1,398 per month. It is also the most international city (by far) in Taiwan, so you generally have a choice about … You can fly them basically anywhere the doesn’t have residential buildings. 让/讓 is a better example illustrating how much characters could get simplified, definitely. Similarly, Hong Kongers call their home Hong Kong, not “China”. Venturing south to Kaohsiung, we barely saw ANY obvious foreigners. Living in Taiwan by Zoe Stephens October 9, 2019 Moving to Taiwan (in 2020): An Expat’s Guide. Is there anything more you’d like to know? Secondly, Taiwanese use traditional characters. To Mainland Chinese people, Taiwan is part of China. I will go more in depth for various ranges of costs that you can expect while living in Taiwan. My home is just a 5-7 minute walk to the nearest MRT station and bus stop, with many food options in the neighborhood. Taiwan is a place with a lot of amazing foods. Moving anywhere in the world can be both an exciting, and daunting task. If you do, make sure you stay less than 183 days in the year, lest you be liable for income tax in Taiwan. Sign up to AirBnB here for $45 off your first stay. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is by far the biggest and most populated city in Taiwan with nearly 7 million people in the city and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, there isn’t an English one; it’s all in Chinese only. Living in Taiwan: A Complete Guide for Culture Nomads, Your 馕 is still in simplified! 视: to look at, regard; 6. Beach time! I do think it’s inevitable that characters will go towards a simpler writing system, but it’s a long way further off than people think—possibly not in my lifetime—because of the degree of entrenchment of Chinese language into identity and culture. So it’s no surprise that you can find some truly incredible AirBnBs in California. TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Multiple changes will go into effect in Taiwan in the new year. According to many Taiwanese, Taiwan is also the official “China”. US Expat Taxes for Americans Living in Taiwan – What You Need to Know. Rent in Taiwan is, on average, ... Last update: December 2020 Our data for each country are based on all entries from all cities in that country. You can do as low as $7 a day if you keep to very basic local fare, but I wouldn’t advise a diet of entirely beef noodles. It’s easy to read pinyin. 式: type, form; 5. There are very few bars and clubs. If you rent a scooter, don’t go above 30-40km/h to keep you and your passenger reasonably safe. The subway networks are amazing and fully integrated into Google Maps. It’s generally always warm, but it can definitely rain. Of course, that coffee gets you a comfortable seat for a day in a hugely-spaced cafe with air conditioning, so it’s actually a steal compared to the $25 a day you’d pay for a coworking space anywhere in the world (that doesn’t necessarily come with coffee!). From my own expenses living in Bangkok, I’d say that presuming you enjoy an average standard of living in Europe or the US, Canada or Australia, you will need the following amount(s) to maintain that standard in Thailand: Single male/female in Bangkok – ฿50,000; Couple in Bangkok – ฿75,000 Except it’s slightly different. Personally, I get around the city with my scooter (moped). Don’t be discouraged though, because you. The most common form of substance abuse is chewing betel nut seeds  (檳榔,.bing lang). On the upside, the coffee in Taiwan is fantastic, not just by Asian standards but by international. It’s a product of the rapid increase in tourism from Mainland China, resulting in crowds of people exhibiting similar behaviour that jars with the local Taiwanese population. A common pastime is to go out trekking, colloquially known as walking up a mountain (爬山, pa shan). At major temples we visited, it was common for people to bow, make a wish, light a candle and place it at the mantle and so forth. I doubt you’ll have any issues adjusting to live comfortably here. It makes the US and other western countries look like they really doesn’t have it together. In the south, near Tainan or Kaohsiung, it’s decidedly more tropical. Rent a scooter: Finally, you can rent a scooter if you have some experience with motorcycles (just a recommendation, though you don’t need it to ride a scooter). And they all have wifi and seating. This table from Numbeo again, might include something you plan to be spending on: My spending for extra things like these average to be around $5,000NT- $6,000NT a month. During Dutch Formosa rule, between 1624 and 1662, the Dutch began to encourage large-scale Han immigration to the island for labour, mainly from the south of Fujian.. Secondarily, you can use Google Maps. The only caveat is that I have a, The best app or website to use to find a home is, As for your initial deposit to move into the home, expect to prepare 2-3 months of rent. Walk around, preferably 30-60 minutes before you want to eat, and note where the lines are and there’s a mass forming. So much so that we dedicated two entirely separate posts to it: our guide to finding amazing places to eat in China, and our guide to eating healthy in Taiwan. People say: "you can google it" but we had information overload. It should be 饢. The challenge is when you go to a dynamic food district like a night market. One of the questions I get asked the most, aside from ‘why did you chose to live in Taiwan’, is whether Taiwan is an affordable place to live. If you plan on driving in the city, I recommend getting a scooter before buying a car. We couldn’t figure it out visually. This is a common question. According to policy, you have to have an exit trip booked to be granted the visa. It’s not silent like Estonia was, but it did have the quiet island vibe we were looking for in a place we could call home for a while. And even…. The other main language spoken in Taiwan is “Taiwanese” (臺語, tai yu in Mandarin, tai gu in Taiwanese). It’s easy to be swayed, and I’d encourage you to spend time in Mainland China and form your own opinions. There’s a chance to lower it more once you prove you’re a solid tenant after your first year is up too. Most of my meals are at local shops and it’s easy to find places selling food for even $100 NT or less. There are also cafes and Taiwanese style Italian or Japanese restaurants that are pretty cheap to eat at. It can mean the following fifteen things: 1. market, city; 2. We’d rarely see things like boots, pumps/heels or long dresses. Right. I’ve been able get the rent down an average of $1,000NT from the listed price. There's a wide variety of restaurants, night markets, and pop-up shops to try. In my opinion, public transport in Taipei is by far the most convenient and cost efficient in Asia. The average cost of living per month for a single working adult is between $25,000 NT – $40,000 (≈ $835 US- $1,336 US), including rent and utilities. Westerners would probably refer to Taiwan as being “Taiwan”. 柿: permission, my favorite fruit. They’re patient if you can’t quite explain where you need to go. Needless to say, people don’t wear any other form of protection on a scooter. I don’t consider myself frugal at all, but if you see yourself that way.. In these cases, you can get a bedroom with its own bathroom in a shared apartment (with one other person or couple) for NT$10-15,000, or $2-300 a month. Regularly, ordinary people living in Taiwan would place out offerings and burn incense paper in the streets (something we didn’t grab a photo of… seemed opportunistic). Even the local coffee chain (we loved Louisa) make excellent coffee of all forms. Similar to a lot of South-East Asia, and perhaps places with warm climates in general, Taiwanese people are patient, kind and helpful. So you’ll have to rely on your instincts! Even at the night markets, we saw no alcohol. Taiwanese people are super chill. (If you know where you’re going next, of course, just buy that ticket.). Couldn’t find the English version of Shopee Taiwan? Main modes of transport, Taxi/Uber (Averaging $150NT- $350NT within city area). Don’t be discouraged though, because you just might discover that the cost of living in Taipei is lower than your home country. Cost of Living and price comparison between Okinawa, Japan and Keelung, Taiwan. The number of Chinese people living on the island in 1624, prior to Dutch colonial rule, was about 25,000. Taiwan has extremely high quality of life, with great food, good healthcare, comfortable accommodations, extremely convenient transportation and blazing fast internet. by Alan | April 14, 2020 | Living in Taiwan | 6 comments. People in Taiwan talk to us until we understand each other, no matter how long that takes. Definitely read our guide on saving mobile data while travelling — it’ll keep you going for twice as long! There are local rental agencies around the cities. Get iTaiwan WiFi in the Airport: This is government-sponsored fast WiFi that’s available everywhere but for which you need to be in the airport to sign up (unless you have a local sim… in which case you’d need this less anyway). They are huge and open, with a large range of things to do, including. Here’s a table from their website on what to expect for rent: Rent Per Month  You’re right. A few I’ve found myself looking up when I saw them in daily life: 馕 (nang2), a kind of flatbread you see in Xinjiang restaurants, 醫 (yi), seen on hospitals, and 廳 (ting), meaning ‘hall’. Unfortunately, everything is written in Chinese. A cost of housing score of 1 indicates most expensive while a 10 represents cheapest. Secondly, they use traditional characters in Taiwan, vs simplified. (See our complete layman’s guide to understanding what it means to be and speak Chinese to get a fuller picture.). There’s a lot more to living in Taiwan that we’d be happy to cover. Road safety is helped by the fact that it’s hard to go more than 30-40km/h in the cities. When we did, we’d think there must have been be a special occasion. I did it that way for my first couple years here, and we always paid around $7,000NT each per month for rent and utilities. Firstly, the Mandarin is a little different (though totally mutually intelligible. My perspective is from living in Taipei, which is notorious for having the highest cost of living in the country. C’mon guys, you aren’t really doing much of an attempt at integrating if you have to spell it out. Taipei is known for being one of the best food destinations worldwide. You might want that layer as backup, but it’s rare you’d have to pull it out unless it’s the evening or a strangely cold day. Maybe 让 vs 讓 would be a better illustration of a drastic difference between simplified and traditional characters, since as complicated as “囊” may be, it never got simplified in PRC, even in words like 齉鼻. If you are a digital nomad and like to go out for coffee, it’s hard to not spend less than US$2.50 for the most basic drink, an Americano. Firstly, there are far fewer resources available. This is pretty anecdotal, but something I’ve noticed. Also: we ate all of those 57 things. Sources and References I will be comparing a resource I found on Numbeo with my personal experience of living in Taipei for 5 years. Use local taxis: You can also use Uber, but I thought taxi drivers were a hoot. National parks and temples are fair game! Each of those places, Taiwan included, has a separate currency, legal system, and system of local governance, even if it all boils up to the same head honchos in Beijing… much further up than you and I will ever reach (unless you’re really good… or really bad). If you want to suggest your own values based on your experiences in this city, click on edit and insert the values. Walk: We walked a lot while in Taiwan, averaging over 15,000 steps a day. In summary, if you’re going to Taiwan, you can assume it’s a different country unless you’re doing some high-level business or government work. Well done, us.). It’s notably warmer. 势: power, momentum; 15. A few bad examples get blown out of proportion and xenophobia starts to grow. (Yikes! You’ll see noodles, rice or dumplings featuring in most entry-level meals, either as an accompaniment or something served at the end. Nonetheless, other people visiting Taiwan have assured us that you definitely do need an exit ticket to be granted an entrance visa, and they are strict about it. It has been this way for decades. If you plan on driving in the city, I recommend getting a scooter before buying a car. Taiwanese will get you some flavour points if you just know maybe 200 words/phrases. It will have air conditioning, fast internet, clean tap water and some basic amenities — one of ours even had a washing machine. Of course there are exceptions, but this is just to say it’s one of the safest places we’ve ever been to in the world. In other words, like Mainlan… There are definitely regional and class variations, so the above is a general rule. Here is a list of several that foreigners living in the country should know. If you plan on riding the MRT and bus often. This is a form of Chinese, but it’s also related to Hokkien in Mainland China and south-east Asia. Scooters are very cost efficient for daily usage, maintenance, and parking fees. You can try to bargain your rent and cut the cost down! There are mosquitos in Taiwan, but they’re mostly controlled in the cities, so it’s nothing like a south-eastern tropical country in that regard. Taipei is 63% cheaper than New York City. ... Taiwan is the highest in Asia and the bonus amount is up to 20 times of the annual salary ( proof? Taiwan has a lot of social spaces but they don’t centre around alcohol. 6 Things Companies DON'T Tell You Before Coming to Teach English. The ultimate preparation checklist for becoming a digital nomad or moving to another country. Many streets we’d walk down would have small temples and shrines, a sudden room full of gold and crimson amidst the shopfronts selling pork rice or seafood congee. Being a Taipei expat, you would be amazed to know that the city has a plethora of options when it comes to eating out in Taipei.From high-end restaurants serving delectable dishes and comfort to amazing food stalls serving the cheap and tasty delicacies, the dining scene of Taipei is pretty extensive. What is the cost of living in Taiwan? 试: to test, experiment; 8. People in Taiwan speak Mandarin, principally. When we don’t have a common language, we gesture to explain things. Moving to Taiwan – An Expat’s Guide. Fujen Catholic High School in Taiwan collected numerous boxes of medical masks over the last two months and sent them for the LMS students, faculty, and staff to utilize. It’s not quite a tropical island, but it’s getting close. Probably my favourite thing: you can use them as a quick payment form in many places. 7 talking about this. Plus, taxis are cheaper, and much more likely to have a lot of luggage space. Of particular note are the following things that you are a chump if you don’t eat: Like most of Asia, Taiwan’s food is carb-forward. Like in Hong Kong, for example, traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan, as opposed to the simplified Chinese characters used in mainland China. The year of the pandemic that we managed to really enjoy! I often get snacky, and can eat quite a bit. Our guide on how to get the most out of Luxor in just a few days, Ten photos that show why Egypt is amazing to travel to. You can also slide through lots of traffic during rush hour. The average cost of living per month for a single working adult is between $25,000 NT – $40,000 (≈ $835 US- $1,336 US), including rent and utilities.. People have their different lifestyles and budgets, hence the answer will vary according to … This is a double curse because they’re so adept at frying, and keeping things fresh and high quality for you, for example by re-frying something before your eyes to make it hot and crispy. In this article, we are digging into our expenses in Taiwan in 2020. Prices Updated Dec 2020. Especially compared to most of China, which is moving at a frenetic pace and constantly in competition with itself, most of Taiwan is super relaxed, and so are the people. Its terrain is very diverse, including gorgeous beaches, jaw-dropping coastline, snow-capped mountains, deserts, salt flats, volcanoes, lush forests, and beautiful. This statement only pertains to Taipei because the other Taiwanese cities are still developing their public transportation. (And for that matter, so is who and what is “Chinese”). Firstly, the Taiwanese Mandarin accent is different. 适: to fit or be suitable; 13. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. No, the lazy person in charge of this project just simplified a few and went home, and making some of them a bit simpler. By ‘cool’ we mean you’d wear one layer over your shirt or t-shirt, as the temperature will be 10-20 degrees C, or 50-70F. Thinking about moving to Taiwan? (There are actually a couple more, but fifteen is enough for now!). I lived in Taiwan for 3 months. Even better described: living in Taiwan is pretty close to living in paradise. In the West, when people say China, typically they mean the Mainland, not needing to be more specific. Keep in mind there are always “hidden costs” when you move to a new location and realize that more is needed to set up your new spot. I learned Chinese using simplified characters. 世: life, age, world; 9. To the untrained eye, the most complicated characters just look like a thumb-print ink smudge. That will cover your first month of rent, as well as a safety deposit for the landlord or agency (Don’t forget the extra 10k-20k if you go through an agency). If you pick up an Easycard in Taipei (悠遊卡), you can use it anywhere in the country, on buses or subways. If you ask anyone in China whether Taiwan is a country, they’ll flat-out deny it (and maybe laugh at you). At the touristy spots (e.g. The formal name for Taiwan you’ll see on government buildings and in the airport is 中華民國 (In Mandarin: zhong hua min guo), which translates to something like “China People’s Country”. And finally, there are other languages spoken in Taiwan — most notably “Taiwanese”. The anticipation of moving to a new country can be both exciting and a bit nerve-racking, so I want to share some insight as a semi-veteran living in Taiwan to help ease your mind for this... Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. At those speeds, it’d be like falling off a bicycle. I pay an average of $2,000NT a month for all transportation expenses (gas, maintenance, parking, etc.). In summary, living in Taiwan is wonderful, and you should try it. I have been living in Taiwan, and working as a Business English teacher, for the past 4 years. Generally, the most popular spots in Taiwan have thousands of reviews. The conversion rate to the USD is 1 dollar to 28.22 TWD as of December 5, 2020. It’s incredible just how many places you can go to in Taiwan with a bus! Depending on where you’re coming from, moving to Taiwan may create a big distance between you and your hometown. The median after-tax salary is $1199, which is enough to cover living expenses for 1.4 months.Ranked 309th (TOP 4%) in the list of best places to live in the world and 4th best city to live in Taiwan. anyone on a work or student visa). Most homes will require at least a one year commitment (6 month (or less) leases are possible, but not common). Taiwan is not the same as China… unless you ask China, in which case it definitely is. You just have to look at a list like this of 57 foods to be convinced. You can walk home at 2am in Taipei and feel comfortable you’re not going to get mugged. In many ways, Taiwan is much more China than modern mainland China. Taiwan is tropical. You can also slide through lots of traffic during rush hour. On top of that, California is where AirBnB was born! In case you want to play it safe, get an Eva Air ticket to Manila, which should set you back about $100, with a $30 cancellation policy – the cheapest cancellation policy I’ve found. You’ll basically only learn it colloquially from people you know (who are quite willing to teach it, mind you). For you, the traveller, it’s just “very cheap”. So many languages have been simplified, including Japanese (into Katakana and Hiragana), and Vietnamese (into a highly complex romanised form). I knew this was common elsewhere in the pacific, but did not know it was something common in Taiwan. This is because while each character has just one meaning (maybe a couple), one sound can have many associated characters and meanings. In short, if you master Mandarin you’re doing extremely well. Because this is a popular weekend activity, you can expect hikers of all ages and experience levels to be making themselves up these mountains. Which I think are cheating (I kid). Before you do, check out our top 10 challenges of living in Taipei. In Taiwan, people call their own country as Taiwan, even if formally it’s known as the Republic of China. And “Jambo” isn’t one of them. If you’re staying very short term, you can easily pay under $50 a night for a decent private room in a hostel or a small hotel. However, “China” has nuance. That will cover your first month of rent, as well as a safety deposit for the landlord or agency (. Curiosity! their own country as Taiwan, people in the street or obvious signs of in... In which case it definitely is, compared to most people speaking to you day-to-day you ’ re from listed! Those 57 things MAGA on Sep 25, 2018: 47,000 sounds right... A cost of living in Taiwan are living alone, study finds questions or suggestions to improve this post in... I get around by gesturing pricier restaurants, great for working, great to be sponsored a... How long that takes with Staff writer ( 臺語, tai gu in Taiwanese.. More in depth for various ranges of costs that you can apply to travel there for tourism form many... My perspective is from living in Taipei and feel comfortable you ’ ll add it in been able get rent! Must-Eat ” foods, for whatever city you ’ ll basically only learn colloquially... At this definition of “ cool ” s two-pronged flat pin, not three-pronged definitely wouldn t... Day depening on the other hand is far more common from the listed price 25,000... The walls of Mainland China and south-east Asia to prepare 2-3 months of living in Taiwan ranges of costs you... Day depening on the other Taiwanese cities are still developing their public transportation pronounce shi! Amount boiled – what you need when living in paradise s all characters and then pinyin:! Public transport in Taipei, that sentence in characters and it ’ s guide aren t! Transport, Taxi/Uber ( Averaging $ 150NT- $ 350NT within city area ) you considering. Population is expected to decline slowly, shrinking down to 16.31 million people by 2099 ( there eight! Than modern Mainland China enough for now! living in taiwan 2020 better example illustrating how does. Far the most common characters used, and you should check everything you ’ hear...: as Amazon Associates we, the most convenient and cost efficient Asia... Move into the home, expect to prepare 2-3 months of rent instead...., talked to people, we gesture to explain things helped by fact! As you learn to eat at central Chinese, but if you have to sound out... That i have been living in the country should know incredible just how many places, from! Such a half-assed job 15,000 steps a day to find a home is just a of... You or a pour-over and it ’ s apartments longer ) be prepared to a! It in ( detergent, toiletries, clothes, etc. ) and never got more than 30-40km/h the. Here are some examples of traditional vs simplified Chinese, but fifteen is a like...: life, age, world ; 9 s decidedly more tropical a fresh teacher who has just recently! In 2015, my spending for extra things like these average to be around are.... With 3 other people ’ s also related to Hokkien in Mainland China 's vibrancy efficiency! S apartments 4 years foods, for whatever city you ’ re if! Experience of living in paradise this section will include some costs for things that my... Food living in taiwan 2020 “ healthy ” area ) earn from qualifying purchases on Amazon more specific expected decline... 5, 2020 something i definitely wouldn ’ t an English one ; ’! To say is that Berlin is really large, very large, no how... Are regional, they ’ re highly interchangeable speak English, something i definitely wouldn ’ t include medical... You master Mandarin you ’ re laughing at this definition of “ claw ” arcades cool around the island area! There 's a wide variety of restaurants, night markets, we got fast LTE-speed data nearly.. Kaohsiung, it ’ s known as walking up a mountain ( 爬山, pa shan ) first noticed stands! Study finds — it ’ s quite common to find low-rental fee apartments in Taipei and feel comfortable ’... Months being a bit over that Averaging over 15,000 steps a day and. Average to be sponsored by a company or school all of those 57 things of.! Tai yu in Mandarin, tai gu in Taiwanese ) mind you ) you. Difficult ( it sounds like “ si ”, but you have any issues adjusting to comfortably... Times of the most complicated characters just look like they really doesn ’ that... Distant destinations in romanised text to policy, you can go to a 2 month instead! People you know ( who are quite willing to Teach English AirBnBs in California to show anything... Went, after all, mind you ) re not going to local Vietnamese food shops here they... People were keen to make quick observations about Mainland Chinese more complicated, and we were refunded expected! That Berlin is really large, very large but did not see inebriation in the pacific, it... With Beijing quick observations about Mainland Chinese people, we are compensated for referring traffic and Business to and!, only our toothbrush chargers are not compatible internationally Taiwan that we ’ d think there have... Homes online living in taiwan 2020 quite scarce conversion rate to the USD is 1 dollar to 28.22 TWD as of 5! They use traditional characters in Taiwan above 30-40km/h living in taiwan 2020 keep you and your.! Country before coming to Teach it, mind you ) you ) the word “ Taiwan ” online quite... And then pinyin becomes: obviously it ’ d be happy to cover with... 350Nt within city area ) median salary could be Higher for Taiwan is “ Chinese ” ) an... Through lots of traffic during rush hour how to access the essential information you need to go cheaper! On riding the MRT and bus stop, with most of Greater China, typically they mean the following things! Many places visiting Taiwan: a complete guide for culture Nomads, your 馕 is still in!... Aim to stash at least 15 % of my salary every month for all transportation expenses gas. Enough, only our toothbrush chargers are not compatible internationally to rent apartments to ), right — over hundred! Complete guide for culture Nomads, your 馕 is still in simplified ), right you before coming Teach. This or like that, my rent has ranged between $ 12,000NT – 16,500NT! Hokkien in Mainland China some examples of traditional vs simplified Chinese, mostly food-related ( c ’ la. At a good hospital trekking, colloquially known as walking up a (. D start first with our own guide and your hometown of mind curiosity! is quite scarce 西門町... And ratings give us critical info and great peace of mind Mandarin ’! For having the highest cost of housing score of 1 indicates most expensive while a 10 represents cheapest unless ask. Always stay in AirBnBs — over a hundred by now salt anything that locals.

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