Audience and expected impact

Core target groups include:

  • European partner HEIs
  • Students and lifelong learners
  • Policy making organizations at national and European levels (e.g. HEI Quality Assurance Bodies, Ministries, etc.)
  • EU service designers and implementers and independent software vendors

The impact is expected to be national and European-wide since partners are covering the entire continent.
COMPASS, though its activities and outputs, aspires to develop an impact

  • to partner and European HEI, in general, with regard to the enhancement and modernization of the representation of their educational offerings (courses, curricula, etc.) leveraging the produced standardized models that integrate skills and competence information, necessary for creating a link to current labor market needs. The integration and adoption of the developed innovative technologies and tools is expected to increase accessibility, discoverability, comparability and transparency of their learning offerings, as well as to contribute to the enhancement of institutions’ social responsibility.
  • to European HEI students and lifelong learners, that will be able to use the developed online services to easily search and compare provided learning opportunities, explore the skills and competences to be acquired, and create informed learning pathways in alignment with their personal development plans for further education or employment.
  • to national and European policy makers, that will be able to leverage policy and standards recommendations as a valuable means to promote harmonization, creating a common, sustainable basis for improved, meaningful and quality learning opportunity descriptions for all member states
  • to EU service implementers and independent vendors that will be able to integrate into existing systems or reuse the developed standards and infrastructure for the creation of interoperable, technology-enhanced systems and services in the field, for the whole Europe.