O1. Lifelong Learning Opportunity and Pathway models

This output correlates to the adoption and extension of the EN15982 MLO European Standard with learning outcomes and competence-related information, for the development of a metadata structure to represent and describe HEI Learning Opportunities. Initially, the partners will investigate and present the existing organizational and technological structures for learning opportunity exploration (Ploteus, the XCRI implementation) and present the underlying information model. Next, the work undertaken by project partners will focus on the creation of an information model for representing metadata concerning lifelong learning opportunities in the ICT domain, documented in a way easily transferable and adopted to other domains. The information model and associated metadata application profile will specify how a solid infrastructure can be deployed for the support and delivery of lifelong learning opportunities through IT systems and the development of services for opportunity exploration and pathway planning thus facilitating personal development and enhancement of employability. A methodology for describing learning opportunities in such a way that they are reusable and sharable across different domains, educational levels and contexts will be described. This methodology will present a set of “design patterns” for the creation and structure of metadata, as well as a quality-controlled process for creating new patterns and further evolve existing ones. In order to effectively generate this output, the following activities will be issued.