O2.Online Services

This output will provide an evidence of the validity of the suggested metadata instruments and approach, along with a showcase of the effectiveness of the developed metadata structure for the efficient adoption of standards-based metadata representation of Lifelong Learning Opportunities. In particular, the main objective of O2 is to transfer the systems architecture design and associated metadata application into a set of software components and services that can allow and facilitate the exploration of alternative lifelong learning opportunity pathways. In order to meet this goal, a software toolkit will be developed that will be readily available to interested organizations in order to develop their learning opportunity structure based on a competence-enhanced Metadata for Learning Opportunities (MLO). Furthermore, an online repository of MLO-based structures will be setup, which will facilitate the “design patterns” template and will be regularly updated with descriptions and insight from the usage of standards in metadata development in the ICT domain as well as suggestions for transferring to other domains. Both the developed toolkit and the metadata repository will be adopted for the targeted ICT domain. The specific objectives are: • to illustrate how different and diverse software applications can be developed using the proposed metadata architecture and infrastructure; and • to create awareness and prepare case studies and guidelines for other software developers that would like to connect and re-engineer existing systems and services or build new ones for compliant applications in any sector. In order to effectively generate this output, the following activities will be issued.

    Expected Activities:
  • O2/A1. Design of online services


  • O2/A2. Development of online services


  • O2/A3. Delivery and support of online services