O3. Tested and populated online services

This Output comprises the technical and user-based evaluation validation activities that will take place during the lifecycle of the project. Two pilot deployment periods are planned: a period focusing on the organization of controlled trials, and a period focusing on the organization of public demonstrators. During those deployment periods, two rounds of user-oriented testing are planned to systematically collect and analyze feedback from target user groups and ensure that the results are fed into the technical work allowing for improvement and refinement of the underlying components and/or frameworks. During the first period, controlled pilot trials will take place, where groups of end-users will be invited to try the toolkit and the service and provide their feedback. During this period, the partners will utilize the toolkit developed in O2 to represent the learning opportunities they provide. During the second period, the COMPASS partners will invite stakeholders working in relevant areas to use the corresponding deployed services and provide feedback. In addition, open public demonstrators will be organized, where the concepts of COMPASS and associated services will be heavily promoted and advertised to target user communities through relevant online channels and mailing lists. Thus the national workshops will promote the dissemination and awareness of the COMPASS approach. An evaluation report will summarize the results from all evaluation events and activities. In addition it will suggest improvement procedures for the corresponding project results, which will be generalized to put forward a set of guidelines and recommendations for transferring the COMPASS results to other sectors and countries.

In order to effectively generate this output, the following activities will be issued.