COMPASS aims at supporting HEIs to implement the necessary reforms in line with the 2011 EU Modernisation Agenda and its priority areas through

  • the improvement of quality and relevance of offered learning opportunities to current and emerging labor market needs,
  • the enhancement of mobility, making LOs more visible and understandable for students that want to gain
    additional skills
  • the strengthening of cross-border cooperation of HEIs in the definition of quality flexible learning pathways for
    their learners,
  • the increase of social responsibility of HEIs through the transparent descriptions of their offerings,
  • the implementation of sustainable infrastructure for all European HEIs and for the EU to leverage in the enhancement of existing or the
    creation of new related services.

COMPASS will work to:

  • promote the concept of flexible lifelong learning pathways within HEI providers and learners through the use of innovative guidance instruments
  • produce policy suggestions for fomenting their implementation by higher education institutions
  • recommend standard information models for enabling Learning Opportunity (LO) providers to engage in the well-structured description of their offers (based on the MLO standard and extending it with learning outcomes and competence information)
  • develop online services comprising
    • a software component for LO description, to be made freely and publicly available to LO providers,
    • a free tool for lifelong learners to leverage LO information for building desired pathways for personal development
  • The produced models and technology can be exploited by national and European services (e.g. Ploteus), making an impact on the quantity and quality of LO information at both national and European level. For this purpose a technical recommendation for ingesting LO descriptions into Ploteus, will be produced.
  • leverage the consortium span to policy makers, HEIs, industry as well as its ICT-sector orientation, to design and implementation-wide pilot tests that will boost awareness, institutional commitment and national impact.